Buy Bikers!
Buy Bikes!

Welcome To The Blockchain Bikers
Ride or Die!

11,111 Blockchain Bikers are an eco-system of biker culture within the NFT world - bringing with them an entire PFP experience.

As the dust settled and only one avatar could remain, the bikers took it upon themselves to equip their helmets and run the Twitter-verse with one simple saying #rideordie.

They took to their garages and claimed their bikes it was now time to create a legacy

Blockchain Bikers is a foundation of incredible art and community. A top artist developed the bikers and we can't wait to build a-top of the art with experiences.

You will get 100% of the IP & Rights behind your artwork. 150 attributes and 9 categories/properties.

We started this journey with the intention of giving more than a single PFP NFT to our gang, once you have the PFP be ready to unlock your garage and the bike you will ride. Entry into all events will always be FREE for members


11K 3D PFP Blockchain Bikers

Bikers will be minted on the ethereum blockchain, this supply is limited. We are coming to NFTs to deliver a truly next-gen NFT that comes with an entire world around it. We are the bad-boys in the space, and our ambitions expand beyond the truly remarkable art that will take us there.


1/1 Custom 3D Bike Airdrops

Our team of 3D animators are working around the clock on 1/1 bikes so that early holders won't have to wait too long - the bikes will be essential as  our roadmap includes a racing simulator, in order to ride with your PFP biker you'll need a bike. The bikes will be FREE. If you own the original Blockchain Biker NFT you'll get to fill out your garage with blockchain biker-specific assets.

IP & Rights

You get COMPLETE IP and Rights behind your NFT

A lot of projects promise big things but lack the funds to fulfill, we on the other hand have built in our secondary sales to fund floor purchasing to increase scarcity, marketing funds to enable us to tap into the largest platforms for paid media and lastly to help cover the simulator. Best of all YOU own the Biker - go create whatever you want.

[Roadmap] Racing Simulator

Simulated Competitive Races Utilizing Your PFP

Simulators based on traits bring the ability to leverage the NFT in a competitive environment for rewards. Broadcasting these simulations and enabling advantages based on certain traits will bring with it a unique rarity system that is proprietary to the Blockchain Biker Ecosystem upon 100% sell out you'll be able to bring your Blockchain Biker to the track, with your bike and come together around our events.


Wasting no time at all, your holders can mint their exclusive 1/1 bike that will part of the Blockchain Bikers experience.
The alpha simulator game comes to life, you get to simulated racing with the bikes in your garage.

The simulator takes a step forward as people can do pink-slip betting that includes game-modes.

Friendly - No Staking

Competitive - Stake your Bike and winner takes all

Tournaments- Enjoy BB community tournaments as everyone competes to see who is the best.
We roll out vegan-leather biking jackets and bandanas for our community as our unique merch drop.
To receive this merchandise, contact bikersnft@gmail.com for pricing.
Mystery Roadmap 2.0
There may be community driven adjustments and changes, we don't want to reveal everything we have up our leather sleeves!

We are excited to deploy a visual PFP experience around the Blockchain Bikers with our gang.
Today, we want you to join us and #RIDEORDIE

You've heard our plan, now it's time to ride.


Blockchain bikers TEam